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This is my first time visiting out of the country. I didn’t plan going here, since my friends just invited me to come with them and i just grabbed it! Thanks guys. (Kuya Roel & Kuya Paul). Upon arriving in Bangkok we are so lost! Cause we didn’t know how to get to our Hotel. We asked the guard which mode of transportation to take going to our booked Hotel and he said that we have to take the shuttle bus. We took that bus but we alighted in a wrong place. We tried to asked for a help to the Bangkok people we saw but they just said “haaaaa?” They didn’t understand or speak English. We felt so hopeless. Good thing there’s a girl who can speak a little English and did help us. Haaayyy…Thanks to GOd we got to our Hotel safe. Our first day is a blast! So many funny things happened. We went to MBK Mall and walked around. When we got tired we took tuktuk (it’s like a tricycle in Manila) going to the Temple but Manong sent us to a River trip thingy wherein they charged us 1500baht, since it’s our first time we grabbed it! Just to find out that  there is a free boat service for everyone. (pak! lost lalley) Ate blamed us. (dats u mistet, now you len from dat mistet.) Hahaha..Nasisi pa kami. First temple we saw is Wat Arun Temple, of course we took photos and my favorite shot is a jump shot. (palong palo). After the River trip we went to Asiatique where i bought something for me. Next stop is China Town wherein there is a bazaar for fashion thingy. After that we went to Patpong, the place for Boom Boom Girls (pakokak girls). you can find anything about Sexy here. They have different kinds of shows, I don’t wanna elaborate it since I don’t find it OK. hahaha. I must say my first day in Bangkok is tiring since i did jump in all places we visited, but it was fun. Thai people are so nice especially the taxi driver. : ) They may not good in English but at least they are nice.


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